Virgin & Martyr

body + sex positive safe place

Virgin & Martyr is a collective project Greta Tosoni co-founded in 2017 on Instagram, to celebrate the beauty of diversity.

It soon became a platform, a safe place, where everybody is welcomed and can feel free to express themselves without fear of being judged or stereotyped.

Screenshot from 28/07/19

Screenshot from 28/07/19

On Instagram it now works as a visual archive of carefully selected images representing and celebrating every shape and shade of human bodies, each one accompanied by short articles around different themes linked to sex & body identity, wellness and freedom.

Our approach is positive, updated and continuously evolving to keep up to an always changing society and culture.

The team counts five people and many other contributors and collaborators with different backgrounds and interests, but with the common intention of spreading awareness such as accurate, easy to understand and inclusive knowledge around these topics we still see pointed out as “taboo”.

Greta is the project manager, takes care of the creative side, writes articles and creates online contents but she also runs talks and workshops around Italy with her coworkers to fill the lack of information and honest conversations about our bodies, our pleasure, and the way they work (or don’t).